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Sound Profiles on Android Phone

In Android phone there is no built-in good solution for profile switching, yes, it has some capabilities to silent your phone, but they are too simple and not usable. Android devices are social-centric and there are many notifications that can come in real-time (sms, email, GTalk etc.) Let’s have a look to my usual scenario (probably yours): I want all sounds during the daytime and don’t want some of them at night. Android platform has separated volume levels for notifications and ringer sound. Usually you need only two kind of profiles — day and night. In the day profile it’s ok to have notifications and calls with normal volume level, also during occasional meetings you can turn your device in vibration mode or even in silent mode manually. As for the night profile while you are sleeping it’s unluckily that you want to hear notification sounds, but for calls it’s important to have sound turned on, because if you receiving call in deep night it’s in most cases important or emergency.

So the final solution is:

Day profile started at 9am

  • Ringer Volume normal
  • Notification Volume normal

Night profile started at 11pm

  • Ring Volume bellow normal
  • Notification Volume set to silent or vibration

Most of the free apps in Market are crap and it wasn’t so easy to find good one, but you can install application called “Sound Manager” from Market and schedule your volume settings with it.

QR Code for Market:

##Update 25 Apr 2011:

I found a free application that does everything I wanted and a litle bit more. It’s Llama Get at Android Market

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